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Vern's Toffee House
Vern's Toffee House

Why Toffee Makes the Ideal Corporate Gift

English Toffee for employee gifts, clients and more!

If you're looking for that perfect gift for employees or clients, we can help. Our vast selection of handmade candies and nuts is sure to delight. Here are a few reasons why Vern's Toffee makes an ideal corporate gift.

They're Delicious and Show You Care

There are many ways why Vern's Toffee is the best, but the delicious taste of our nuts and candies is probably the most important. We work hard to ensure quality, which makes a difference from the moment you open the package. Our wide selection of toffee--including almond toffee and English toffee--and other products are perfect for a wide range of different occasions.

Volume Discounts for Corporate Customers

For our corporate customers, we also offer a number of discounts and promotions to help you stay within your gifting budget. As an example, we offer free shipping for single shipment corporate orders that weigh over twenty pounds. Single shipment orders that weigh over fifty pounds receive a toffee discount of $0.75 per pound, and single shipment orders weighing over 100 pounds to a single destination receive a toffee discount of $1.00 off per pound.

Let Us Do All the Work

The holidays are already hectic. Let us do the work by shipping your order to individual recipients. We'll add a beautiful gift band and a hand-signed greeting card. Then send treats straight to their door so you don't have to. Just give us your list and we'll be happy to help!

Vern's Toffee is an ideal choice for corporate gifts for employees, contractors, clients, and more. Our corporate gift solutions are custom and we work with each customer individually to meet their unique needs. It's a great way to put a smile on their face and stand out as a first-class company to your colleagues and customers.

Are you ready to learn about a custom corporate gift solution from Vern's Toffee? Contact our helpful customer service team today by calling 1-800-958-3767.