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Vern's Toffee House
Vern's Toffee House

Why Toffee Makes the Perfect Gift

English Toffee fits every occasion and budget!

Stumped for a gift to a coworker, friend, family member, or even a special someone? Why not choose English Toffee? The amazing, buttery goodness of Vern's Toffee is tough to beat. If you need a reason why our almond toffee surpasses just about any gift, check out these reasons for choosing Vern's Toffee.

Vern's Toffee is Always the Right Style, Color, and Size

How many times have you given or received gifts that weren't the right style, color, or size? Sure, the giver meant well, but wouldn't it be better if the gift was always the right style, color, and size? Vern's Toffee is always in style and tastes great. You can't go wrong giving Vern's Toffee because it's always the correct color, size, and is always in style.

Vern's Toffee is Great for Those Hard to Buy for People in Your Life

Let's face it: some folks are just hard to buy for. Whether it's a gift for your boss, a hard-to-please uncle, or the grandkids, you'll always pick the right gift if you give Vern's Toffee. Everyone loves toffee and Vern's Toffee is the very best almond toffee around, hands down. You can't go wrong with buying our world-famous toffee for everyone on your list.

Make Your Life Simple with Vern's Toffee

Nowadays, folks are always so busy. Whether you're busy working for a living, taking care of a family, or going places and doing things, you know how hectic your life can be. Why not cross one to-do thing off your list and have us send your gifts out to those that deserve them this year? They'll love our family-made, wholesome toffee and you'll love not having to worry about sending gifts. Vern's Toffee is made with natural ingredients such as luscious chocolate, AA cream butter, two types of California almonds, and pure Western sugar. The perfect gift for any occasion.