Corporate Gifts

Is your company known for its exemplary service? Or perhaps, it's the products you make. Vern's Toffee House knows a thing or two about that since we've been making award-winning toffee since 1976. So we ask you, wouldn't it be a match made in heaven if you sent an assortment of our English toffee or almond toffee as corporate gifts to your clients or customers as a token of your appreciation for their continued business.

And while a handcrafted corporate gift basket of toffee, mixed nuts, and almonds or cashews makes great thank you gifts for your clients, you might want to keep a few boxes of our one and two pound thank you boxes of milk chocolate or dark chocolate toffee on hand since they are perfect as employee appreciation tokens: Use them for staff members who go the extra mile for the company, the administrative assistant who gets in early each morning, the customer service agent who can resolve even the most difficult issues with a smile, or the guy in shipping who never complains when he has to stay late to get a big order ready.

Unlike products from some catalog companies, our toffee is made the old-fashioned way, so it comes with a personal wholesome touch. For starters, our toffee artisans use only the freshest of ingredients -- two types of almonds, sweet cream butter, and rich smooth chocolate, then they hand stir them in batches. Not only does our toffee use no artificial ingredients, but it's gluten-free, so our corporate gift baskets and employee appreciation thank you gifts agree with just about everyone. But isn't that what you'd expect from a family-owned candy business where presently our third generation of toffee artisans is determined to preserving the family recipe created by our grandfather Vern back in 1976?