Gourmet Nuts

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A handful of nuts conjures up a number of lovely images: a bustling party scene, a beautiful holiday day, or even just a healthy snack after a great workout. Crunchy, buttery nuts are the ideal complement to any gift basket, make a lovely hostess gift, and are perfect for stashing away in your bag or car … where you don't have to share them with anyone else.

The Nut Selection You Crave at a Price You Can Afford

If you love a good roasted nuts combo, try the mixed nuts, available in ½-pound and 1-pound options. This assortment of pecans, colossal cashews, almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts is roasted in coconut oil and dusted with just the perfect amount of salt to complement the rich flavors. Peanuts need not apply, so don't worry about the allergic set.

Prefer your gift nuts pure? For those who love a colossal cashew, you can get them on their own in ½-pound and 1-pound packages. Ditto almonds, which have had their skins removed and mixed with a delicately sweet and salty coating. Better send napkins with this gift, because there's going to be some finger-licking.

40 Years of Top-Shelf Nut Knowledge

By the way, did we mention we know a lot about nuts? We've been hand-crafting our mouthwatering nut toffees with the finest, freshest ingredients since 1976. That's given us a lot of time to forge relationships with the best suppliers, to learn what makes a truly delicious nut, and to bring them to you at the best prices and in the most beautiful packaging.

Just one warning: We run out of our nuts fast, especially during the holidays. If you want to stay apprised of our offers so you can buy gourmet nuts, join our mailing list so you'll always know what we're up to.