Including Vern's Toffee House in Your Fort Collins Vacation

At Vern's Toffee House, we make no secret that we love our hometown as much as we love making English toffee. That's why we are incredibly excited to have visitors from around the globe stop by our shop and say hello while on enjoying their Colorado vacation.

Fort Collins is located just sixty miles north of Denver and is only forty-five miles from the exquisite Rocky Mountain National Park. Our historic downtown is legendary and features a beautiful row of shops, over eighty restaurants, stunning boutique hotels, and the only original trolley car west of the Mississippi. There is always something to do including annual festivals, hiking trails, and so much more. And, if you've ever been to Disneyland, you might recognize a few of the sights--Old Town Fort Collins served as the model for Disneyland's Main Street USA!

Between the crisp mountain air and the beautiful backdrop of some of the highest peaks in North America behind us, it is hard to pick just one thing our family loves the most about Fort Collins. However, we are proud to show off our town to visitors and even more excited to share our love of delicious toffee.

Please let us know if you are visiting from out of the area so we can make the experience in our shop as sweet as possible. Best of all, we can even help you take home a package or two of our confections for savoring long after your Colorado experience has ended or to give as souvenir gifts to family and friends.

Stopping by to see us and try our world-famous toffee and gourmet nuts is easy. We are located just a mile away from Old Town Fort Collins. Click here for directions and to learn more.