Kudos to Vern's

Here's a sampling of what others are saying about Vern's Toffee House and our very special toffee.

Voted first place in blind toffee taste test..."tastes perfect" The Denver Post

Voted "best locally-produced food product in Fort Collins" The Fort Collins Weekly

"A visit to Vern's Toffee House is rated #6 among things to do in Fort Collins". Yahoo Travel

Featured in The Food Lovers Guide to Colorado, Colorado Treasures, and other books and publications.

"Thank you so much...you are so thoughtful...We get so many thank you's from the people we send your toffee to and how much they look forward to receiving it each year. It is fun to listen how couples will hide it from each other or they will only eat a small portion every few days to make it last longer."
From Peggy, in Colorado
"My business partner and I received a box of your toffee for the holidays from one of our suppliers...because I own 51% of the stock, my partner didn't get any of this wonderful candy. I ordered four pounds today in the hopes that I might be able to force myself into a more charitable frame of mind. Thanks.
From Eva J. in Florida
"We just received your toffee from our...sister-in-law and we can't keep our fingers out of the box. This stuff is sinful."
From Linda M. in Ohio
"...thank y'all for the WONDERFUL Toffee. I thought I had tasted good toffee before. I was WRONG. Vern's is the best."
M.L., South Carolina
"The most wonderful toffee I have ever had!!!!!"
Darlene R, Downers Grove, Il.
"Mary, FYI...they love Vern's Toffee on Wall Street!"
Mike F. VP Credit Service, Greeley,Co.
"Vern's, by far, is the BEST toffee I have ever eaten...period!"
Bob M. Spring, Tx.
"Love your toffee. It makes a great gift and is easy to ship. Did not know how popular you were until I had guests in from Missouri and Indiana and both asked where that Toffee place was. You were on their list of places to visit. In the top three along with Rocky Mountain National Park and Cheyenne Frontier Days."
A Miller, F.C., Colorado
"We just received a package of your toffee from one of our customers and I just had to write and tell you that it is AWESOME!...Thank you and I will be ordering from you soon."
B. S. Sarasota, Fl.
"My cousin...brought me some of your toffee back to Tennessee as a gift...and it is absolutely THE BEST I have ever had...I couldn't stop eating it.."
G.B., Jellico, Tn.
"My husband got 1 piece and I ate the rest!!!! OH MY Gosh, it's wonderful. Of course I'm going to order another box."
Karen O. Williamsville, N.Y.