Our Toffee

How to Care For Our Toffee

Because Vern's Toffee is made with butter it should be treated as a dairy product. Your candy has been refrigerated before it is shipped and will travel well even in the summer.

When your box of Vern's Toffee arrives , it is imperative that it be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. The toffee can be frozen, thawed, and refrozen without harming its rare taste. Some customers subdivide our toffee into smaller quantities in airtight freezer bags.

We recommend serving the toffee at room temperature, although many of our customers tell us they love it cold.

Conservatively, our toffee will keep well in the refrigerator for three weeks (take care to guard against moisture getting to it), and three months in the freezer. In practice, many of our customers keep a supply of toffee on hand in the freezer for those unanticipated occasions like house gifts and bridge parties. They report the toffee tastes just as delicious after up to a year in the freezer and several weeks in the refrigerator.