Our Toffee

The Toffee Recipe's Secret

Since 1976, Vern's award-winning butter almond toffee has been winning the accolades of toffee lovers around the globe.

We were sent a box of this for Christmas and wondered why anyone would send toffee to Canada. We know now as yours is a fantastic product! My husband is from Scotland where they make great toffee, and he thinks it is superb. Thanks for the toffee, I know we'll be having it again..."
Michelle G.
Saskatoon, SK

Visitors to Vern's Toffee House usually want to know the secret ingredient in our original toffee recipe that makes our toffee so much better than other butter toffee recipes.

Our original toffee recipe's secret has been passed down through the family from our toffee patriarch, Vern. We select only the very finest and freshest natural ingredients--AA grade sweet cream butter, two varieties of wholesome California almonds, sweet western sugar, and a rich dark blend of luscious milk chocolate.

Also, we don't add any artificial preservatives to alter the old-fashioned, home-cooked flavor of Vern's toffee. Our scrumptious almond toffee is always all-natural and gluten-free. And, there's just no substitute for the special care and family pride we put into every step of our candy-making process.

If you find yourself in the area, stop by our candy kitchen for a visit. You will be greeted by a smiling face with a tray of free samples of heavenly toffee. Enjoy the warm aromas of cooking butter, almonds, chocolate, and vanilla.

We're a hands-on operation so you won't see large machinery or mechanized production lines. Instead, you'll see the owners and master candy makers, Patrick and Stefanie O'Neill, working with small crews of toffee specialists. Repeatedly, they meticulously carry out the timeless process of producing each small batch of toffee in copper kettles over an old-fashioned open-flame candy stove, carefully replicating Vern's original toffee recipe.

Our Toffee

Each batch begins with just the right amount of pure rocky mountain water. At just the right time, the sugar and AA grade sweet cream butter are added. Timing and temperature are carefully monitored to determine when to fold in the measured amount of whole plump almonds. Next, the mixture is hand-stirred with wooden paddles over the carefully moderated heat to coax the perfect harmony of sweet, buttery, almond flavor.

Once this magic transformation is complete, the candy is hand-poured onto an old-fashioned steel candy table where it is hand-spread to just the right thickness. Finally, the master candy makers coat both sides with luscious melted milk chocolate and fresh crushed almonds and place the toffee aside to "cure".

But you don't have to visit us to enjoy our delicious toffee. Just click ORDER and your box of Vern's toffee is on its way.

Whether for personal or business gifts or just your own luscious enjoyment, we're sure you'll agree with consumers worldwide, Vern's is the finest, most mouth-wateringly delicious butter almond toffee anywhere.

Our Toffee Packaging

The way we package our toffee says a lot about our values.

At Vern's we take every precaution to be sure each box of candy made with Vern's original toffee recipe retains its freshness and flavor. (Please see How To Care For Our Toffee.)

First, we hand-pack, hand-wrap and carefully hand-seal each box in a special air-tight cellophane shield to lock in its delicious, all-natural goodness.

We hand-sign an attractive gift card and attach it to your gift boxes. Then we package your toffee in specially designed outer cartons to guarantee its safe delivery -- picture perfect -- to you and your gift recipients.



These serving sizes are approximate. Our toffee can be saved from one serving to another, so you don't have to worry about ordering too much.

½ LB.4 1/2 " W x 3 3/4" H x 11/4" D 2 layers. Serves 1 person
(Minimum quantity 2 or more to each destination)
1 LB. 7 1/4" W x 4 1/2" H x 1 ¼" D 2 Layers. Serves a couple, small family or group of 4.
2 LB. 9" W x 6 3/4" H x 1 1/4" D 2 Layers. Serves a family, group of 6 to 8 or small office.

For larger groups, we suggest a combination of any of these size boxes. We can also provide a variety of custom packaging. Please see the section on GIFT BASKETS & CUSTOM PACKAGING for details.

How to Care For Our Toffee

Because Vern's Toffee is made with butter it should be treated as a dairy product. Your candy has been refrigerated before it is shipped and will travel well even in the summer.

When your box of Vern's Toffee arrives , it is imperative that it be stored in your refrigerator or freezer. The toffee can be frozen, thawed, and refrozen without harming its rare taste. Some customers subdivide our toffee into smaller quantities in airtight freezer bags.

We recommend serving the toffee at room temperature, although many of our customers tell us they love it cold.

Conservatively, our toffee will keep well in the refrigerator for three weeks (take care to guard against moisture getting to it), and three months in the freezer. In practice, many of our customers keep a supply of toffee on hand in the freezer for those unanticipated occasions like house gifts and bridge parties. They report the toffee tastes just as delicious after up to a year in the freezer and several weeks in the refrigerator.

Our Guarantee

Vern's Toffee House guarantees delivery when correct addresses are supplied. Please be sure to check the accuracy of each address including each digit of the zip code.

Tasty Toffee Recipes

Don't waste a precious morsel of your delicious Vern's Almond Toffee. Save those crumbs to sprinkle over ice cream or yogurt. Or if you feel creative, add some toffee to your favorite homemade ice cream recipe or try some of these yummy baked recipes.

When available, we sell small broken pieces of our toffee we call Toffee Toppings at a reduced price that our local people love to use for just this purpose. Call Customer Service at 1-800-958-3767 for availability.

If you have a toffee recipe you've created that you'd like to share, click CONTACT US and send it to us. If we use your recipe, we'll send you two pounds of Toffee Toppings free. But for now have fun with these.