Hostess/Thank You Gifts

Looking for thank you gifts that won't break the bank? English toffee does the trick. This sticky, chewy, perfect-for-a-crowd gift has been passed from the grateful to the deserving for centuries, and it's time you jumped on the bandwagon.

Our toffee gifts offer a wide selection. Consider our 1-pound and 2-pound boxes, which come in both milk and dark chocolate. We also offer a ½ pound 6-pack, so you can order and hand-deliver your little thank yous to the people who matter, or send all six to someone who will surely appreciate the ideal snack size.

We also offer gift assortments that include toffee along with mixed nuts, cashews and almonds, but be careful – they sell out fast! If you want to make sure you get in on this, you can sign up for our mailing list to get email specials and learn when our products drop. That way, you'll never be lost for the perfect present.

Don't discount the possibility of thanking yourself, by the way. If you've recently completed a big project, finished up your holiday shopping or are otherwise deserving of a treat, toffee makes the perfect "Thanks, self!" present. Why should others have all the fun, when you work so hard?

No matter who you're buying for, we know you'll love the delicious, perfectly crunchy-yet-chewy, nutty goodness here at Vern's Toffee House. We've been making our toffee from the freshest, finest ingredients since 1976, and delivering it directly to customers who love our product and keep coming back for more. Plus, we always make the effort to make sure the presentation goes the extra mile. With beautiful packaging, hand-written gift cards and delivery around the world, you can be sure your special someone will receive – and love – your thank you.