What Goes Best With Toffee?

You can enjoy the rich taste of toffee on its own, but pairing it with the right foods or beverages can bring out the flavor even more. Which foods and beverages go best with toffee? Try pairing this delicious treat with any of the following.

Toffee with Coffee

When you're savoring a cup of coffee after dinner, have some almond toffee with it. You can eat it on the side, or lightly dip it in coffee. The sweet almond flavor helps balance the bitter taste of coffee.

Crisp Apples & Toffee

The crisp, tangy flavor of apples and the sweet taste of toffee are a perfect combination. For an afternoon treat or an after-dinner dessert, melt some toffee pieces to pour onto apple slices. You can also use melted toffee instead of caramel as a topping on whole apples for a fun treat. Toffee pieces also make for a unique addition to a charcuterie board!

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and toffee both have a sweet flavor. Pairing them up provides you with twice the sweetness. You can mix toffee pieces with a sweet potato side dish, or include toffee in a sweet potato pie or other dessert.

Toffee Ice Cream Topping

Toffee's buttery flavor goes great with a bowl of plain vanilla or chocolate ice cream. You can break up smaller pieces of toffee, and sprinkle them on top of your ice cream or mix them in with it. For a smoother topping, melt some toffee and pour it on your ice cream.

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