How to Practice Self Care with Toffee

You already know that Vern's Toffee makes an excellent gift idea. But what about treating yourself, too? The sweet-and-salty combination of our decadent English toffee is a great way to brighten up any day. In fact, stocking up on this delicious treat could almost be deemed as self-care, too!

Your Favorite Almond Toffee

If you're on this page, then you already know just how amazing Vern's Toffee really is. Using only the finest ingredients, we take pride in making each small batch for your ultimate enjoyment. Whether you keep some around for special occasions or are on a "bite a day" happiness regimen, we won't judge. Part of why we do what we do is to bring joy to the lives of our customers with our special treats and we cannot wait to help lift your spirits.

Protein-Packed Roasted Nuts

Trying to keep your diet a little healthier? Our gourmet nuts are protein packed to give you an excellent boost of energy before a big workout or when the afternoon munchies hit. Whether you love almonds, cashews, or want a mixed variety, our flavorful gourmet options are a delightful choice. Our flavors include both a sweet-and-salty version and traditional salty, with half-pound and full pound sizes available.

Great as a Little Indulgence (or as a Gift)

Our toffee and gourmet nuts are an excellent way to treat yourself and bring a little bit of indulgence to your life. Best of all, Vern's Toffee also makes an excellent gift idea for someone you love--both for a special holiday or occasion and as a nice little random surprise. Think of it as sharing a smile with someone you love!

Shop online or visit our Colorado toffee store today to pick up your favorite flavor varieties. And, as a reminder, we ship worldwide.